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Among the various sports and game websites in Vietnam, 8Xbet is one of the most prominent. It claims to provide comprehensive coverage of all major sports, and it also offers a wide variety of betting options. It features live scores, news, and videos. It is also available on mobile devices.

While football is the most popular sport in Vietnam, other sports are also prevalent. Other popular sports include volleyball, wrestling, bicycling, and weightlifting. Besides, water sports such as swimming and diving are also quite popular in the country.


Among the online sports and game news websites in Vietnam, 8Xbet stands out. It claims to be backed by vetted journalists and offers extensive coverage of all major sports. It offers live scores, predictions, betting games, news articles, and videos. It is also available in multiple languages. It has a mobile application and is updated hourly.

Football is one of the most popular sports in Vietnam. The country’s national team competes in the Southeast Asian Games. The women’s team has also been a formidable competitor.

A notable achievement for the Vietnamese football team is its 2007 AFC Asian Cup run. In that year, the team shocked the international soccer community by advancing to the quarter-finals.


Known for its prodigious sports fandom, Vietnam has an active sports community. It has successfully organized most of its competitions and tournaments. Some of the popular sports played in the country are tennis, volleyball, football, bicycling, wrestling and karate.

There are many famous sports websites in the country. These sites keep fans updated with the latest news and updates about their favorite games. They also provide forecasts, wagering games and association data.

8Xbet is one of the largest sports and game websites in Vietnam. It offers articles written by vetted professionals and is packed with a lot of features. The website also hosts an active sports community where users can post predictions, book tickets, and win prizes.


Despite its modest size, Vietnam is a highly active sports community, with participation in a wide range of sports. Football, volleyball, basketball, wushu and martial arts are among the most popular sports in the country. These sports are played in schools, universities and high schools across the country. They are also very competitive.

Vietnam has a diverse population. While volleyball and chess are most popular amongst youth, other sports are also played by adults. These include bicycling, weightlifting, tennis, swimming and tae kwon do.

There are many websites that provide live games and tournaments in Vietnamese. These websites also feature articles and videos for the fans. However, the most famous and comprehensive website is YouSport. It has a large readership and provides live reports on a variety of sports. It also has an interactive sports calendar and mobile app. You can also book tickets and participate in online prediction games. YouSport offers articles and recordings in English and Vietnamese, as well as news, betting information and video content. You can also participate in their exclusive interviews with international sports personalities.

Table tennis

Several sports and game websites in Vietnam are popular among fans. They give complete coverage of the latest sports events and help users to associate with other followers. They offer various betting options and forecasts. Some are excellent while others are not so good.

The YouSport Vietnam online sports and game news site is one of the most popular sites in the country. It offers videos, live scores, and articles on all types of sports. It also offers predictions and sports calendars. Its mobile app allows users to book tickets for upcoming games. It is updated hourly and has a large readership.


Among the best online sports and game news websites in Vietnam, 8Xbet is a reliable source for football and other national sports. The site offers news, live scores, predictions and articles. It is also available in multiple languages. You can visit the site’s website or download its iOS and Android apps.

The site has a large readership, and it offers live reporting on the country’s most popular sports. It also provides video content for major international tournaments. You can use the mobile application to watch matches, participate in prediction games, and book tickets. The site also has an extensive database of breaking news.


Xemtructiep is an online sports and game website that provides comprehensive coverage of all sports events in Vietnam and worldwide. The site features live video transmissions of major matches, live scores, expert commentary, and a forum for discussion. The site also features articles, news, and videos on a wide range of sports. Xemtructiep can be accessed through a PC or a mobile device.

The site has a large database of breaking news stories, articles, and videos. These are compiled into a comprehensive calendar of upcoming events. It also allows users to place bets on their favorite teams.