Handicraft Items of India, when you hear these words what do you imagine in your mind? Let me guess, you might be thinking of some artisans working in an industry, a hall full of unique masterpieces, or a kingdom filled with antique decorative items. But what actually are Handicraft Items? The simple answer to this question lies in the question itself. Handicraft means any masterpiece produced by hand without any single machine involved, depicting an art known as Handicrafts. But behind this simple one-line definition lies a whole concept of a well-established industry, or I should say a booming industry. 

Now if we’re talking about art then we cannot simply disregard the Handicraft Items of Rajasthan, a place where handicrafts were indeed born, flourished, and succeeded. But just Rajasthan is not enough when talking about Handicrafts. There’s a saying that Handicrafts make India and India makes Handicrafts. India is home to almost thousands of Handicraft items produced in different parts of the country and exported to various parts of the world. Rajasthan is the largest Handicraft producing state in India. There are so many parts of the country specialized in manufacturing various types of Handicraft items; like The northern part is famous for handloom sarees, block printing, etc. The western part like Rajasthan is famous for manufacturing a wide range of Handicraft items, Udaipur also known as the city of lakes produced leather articles and traditional furniture items. Jaipur, the pink city is famous for producing metal artifacts, Saharanpur is famous for Wooden articles, and likewise, the whole of India makes Handicrafts Industry the most beautiful and successful industry in the World. 

There are a lot of Handicraft items manufactured in various parts of the country, details of some are given below:

Wooden Handicraft Items

Like Saharanpur, Udaipur is also famous for manufacturing the best quality wooden articles. If you visit this beautiful city you’ll find some exciting wooden decorative pieces like wooden elephants, horses, camels, etc. Along with wooden decorative items, there are wooden furniture items that you’ll find here. There are many kinds of wooden furniture like Teakwood Furniture, Sheesham Wood Furniture, and more. 

Metal Artifacts

However, not only metal is used in Rajasthani Handicrafts. Many decorative handicraft products are made of white metal, a silvery alloy. White metal, a tin-based alloy, has been used to create beautiful silverware, ornaments, bearings, jewellery, figurines, and medals. Many antique items, such as statues and religious items, are made of white metal.

Calligraphic Handicraft Art

Calligraphy, like hieroglyphics, is a type of visual art that focuses on writing. Imprinting letters, alphabets, or designs on canvases or fabrics creates calligraphic products. This type of handicraft production is common in India. The Indian handicraft industry contributes significantly to the Indian economy. Thousands of businesses in the country are dedicated to producing and exporting handicraft products. It sells a large number of these antiques. Let’s take a look at some of India’s most well-known handicraft exports.

Stone Carvings

The stone carving industry is one handicraft art that has survived from ancient times in India to the present. Stone carving is a complex process that involves removing unneeded properties from stone material. Elegant stone masterpieces necessitate the highest level of skill and experience. Miniature idols, candle stores, ornamental boxes, and jewelleries are some popular examples of stone carvings. Decorative stone carving items are popular all over the world, and India exports a lot of them. Agra, Puri, Rajkot, and other major stone carving areas include Handicrafts from India are not like any other machine-made artefacts. They are handcrafted with love, hence the name handicraft. All handcrafted products are distinguished by embellishments and minor flaws.


Beautiful wooden work is another well-known Rajasthani handicraft. Rajasthani artisans carve elaborate designs on tables, chairs, jewelweed boxes, bajots and chowkis, boxes, cabinets, mirror and picture frames, doors, windows, and other items. Amazing Rajasthan Wooden Handicrafts can be purchased in Jodhpur and Kishangarh. Other well-known Rajasthani handicrafts include red terracotta pottery, Bikaner pottery, blue pottery crafts, ivory bangles, and feather-soft and feather-light quilts. These dynamic handicraft items reflect Rajasthan’s true tradition, culture, and royal splendour. You can now buy all of these lovely Rajasthan Handicrafts under one roof. Simply visit our online Handicraft shop BoonToon to discover sumptuous handicrafts.