The ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt examination will test your limits and upskill you to become a better professional. Regardless of the difficulty of the exam, a firm strategy and dedicated study will help you go through it.

Nevertheless, only vigorous study is not enough. Today’s blog will inform you about all the strategies you need to ace the examinations. Achieving good marks in the ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt Test and attaining ASQ certification will add to your resume and make a brilliant impression on potential recruiters. Guidelines to ace the Six Sigma Black Belt certification. 

To ace this test and attain this certification, you must practice a few things during your preparation days.

Define your “Why?”

Before you jumpstart anything, it is very important to clarify- why you want to do this. As this ASQ examination is challenging, you may feel stressed as you need to engage yourself in rigorous preparation. In that case, any doubt will affect your performance. A clear mind, on the other hand, will always bring the best results.

Aim for a Green Belt Certification First

To build a high-rise building, you must have a strong foundation. When you prepare for the green belt certification, you have a strong base made automatically. This creates a solid foundation for your preparation for the black belt certification. With this approach, it will become much easier for you to obtain the black belt ASQ certification. 

Give a boost to your general Six Sigma knowledge

In this examination, you will be asked questions beyond your syllabus. Hence, you must have general six sigma knowledge. There are various online sources from where you can boost your knowledge. Make sure you check them out regularly and upgrade yourself. Attending Six Sigma training will help you increase your practical knowledge. 

Hands-on Sigma knowledge or practical sigma knowledge is what you should look out for

If you have good enough general knowledge, you will clearly understand these topics’ existence in the real world. Your theoretical knowledge won’t be valuable when you enter the professional world. It’s your practical skills that will matter. That is why you need hands-on application. 

You must know that you need to complete a project before even sitting for the ASQ examination. Work on your practical skills, as no matter how many reference books you refer to or how many test papers you practice, you will require to get your project approved to sit in the ASQ examination.

Set a deadline and commit to it daily

Nothing good is achieved without discipline. When you set deadlines for yourself, you are automatically pushed to complete your task within the given timeline. Setting aside 3-6 months is recommended based on your current preparation. This examination is conducted twice every year- in March and in October. After registering for the exam, you should immediately block the time in your calendar.

Focus on baselining your knowledge

You can review books and discuss that topic with someone else. This helps you effectively baseline your knowledge. You need to review the ASQ black belt book constantly and check out many pages. 

Know where you are weak and focus on strengthening them 

Take up a sample exam and identify your weak points. This will increase your speed and show you where you stand. Also, enroll in a training institute that has expertise in offering ASQ certification training. You can reach out to your mentor and ask for his or her guidance regarding the weak areas.

In the end, practice is the key. Working hard during your Six Sigma training period will put all your heart and soul. If you’re focused and dedicated, no one can stop you from acing the ASQ certification examination. 


By following the above guidelines to the core, you have a great chance of clearing ASQ certification with flying colors and eventually becoming a Six Sigma black belt. Preparation is always the key; hence, getting trained through a top-notch institute that offers Six Sigma training can be a game changer in your quest to achieve ASQ certification on the first attempt.