When was the last time you experienced pure, unadulterated joy?

For many of us, happiness was common in our formative years.

More and more restrictions are placed on us as we mature into adults.

We enter the door of the working world, start families, and make our way toward financial independence.

Happiness is something we tend to forget about as time goes on.

When we do this, we miss out on living in the now and appreciating what we have.

Having a successful profession and being financially independent are worthy aspirations.

Finding your life’s purpose and acting on it is the key to happiness and fulfillment.

The pursuit of happiness is a lifelong adventure that can be initiated by adopting a few simple habits.

1.   Let the Past Be In The Past

A person who dwells in the past is unable to learn to appreciate the present.

Reasons to feel down include the death of a loved one, the termination of a relationship, or financial difficulties.

Feel what you feel, sadness or isolation, but never despair.

Think about what you’ve been through and how you’re feeling, and ask yourself what you can learn about yourself from it.

If so, release the past. You have earned a return to happiness.

2.   Constantly Exercise Thankfulness

Gratitude can help you let go of the past and embrace the present.

You may retrain your brain to feel joy more frequently if you consciously decide to be optimistic and give attention to the positive aspects of your life.

It’s true what Tony says: “When you are grateful, fear leaves, and abundance arrives.” Gratitude generates a virtuous circle of happy feelings; the more you practice gratitude, the more positive emotions you’ll feel.

3.   The Law Of Attraction Can Help You

The law of attraction states that like attracts like. Therefore the more optimistic you are, the more sunny outcomes you will experience.

The most successful people in the world have relied on this idea for thousands of years to create the lives of their dreams.

What you give your attention to grows.

You may attract more happiness by actively seeking it out and spreading it to others.

4.   Build a Good Support System

The law of attraction and the practice of surrounding oneself with positive influences go hand in hand, making it imperative to surround oneself with positive individuals in all aspects of life.

It’s hard to stay negative when you’re constantly cheered up by others around you.

They have the ability to brighten your outlook and help you see the silver lining in any circumstance.

It’s not always simple to cut ties with people who don’t bring you joy or who actively fight against your happiness.

However, you won’t be able to discover happiness so long as their poisonous negativity inhibits your growth.

5.   Adjust Your Physical State

Wear a grin if you’re having problems forcing yourself to think positively instead of negatively; you’ve heard the saying, “fake it ’til you make it.”

You’ll trick your brain into thinking you’re pleased when you actually aren’t.

Make a conscious effort to alter your body language by standing up straight, shrugging your shoulders, or striking a similar power attitude.

Your whole manner might shift if your body language reflects your newfound confidence.

6.   Take Steps towards a Better Morning and Day

Mindset training is the first step toward a happier life, and the habits you form regularly significantly impact your outlook.

Depression symptoms can be alleviated via regular exercise.

Find an activity you enjoy and make it part of your daily routine; even 15 minutes of running or an hour-long walk will improve your mood.

Mindfulness practices like priming, meditation, and journaling can enhance the positive emotions you get from eating healthily.

7.   Dive into the Moment

Nowadays, life moves at a breakneck pace.

We are constantly plotting our next move, whether it be dating or focusing all of our energy on our careers.

Even when we have some downtime, we can’t seem to put down our phones, and social media is always there to remind us of what we’re missing.

I don’t see how we can be happy as long as we continually try to improve our situation.

Unplug. Here and now, please.

Be mindful of your surroundings and take pleasure in them. What you’re experiencing is genuine happiness.

8.   Focus on Your Goal

Gratitude, empowered daily routines, and mindfulness will put you in a position to discover your calling once you’ve prepared yourself for it.

Your life’s work is about more than just the here and now. It’s the thing that makes living worthwhile.

This is the ultimate goal you have set for yourself. It will be your lasting impression.

What are some of life’s little pleasures that you cherish? To what do you hope you will be forever connected?

9.   Favor Others; Reimburse

Giving is the key to happiness and fulfillment.

Contributing to the well-being of others enriches our own lives and helps us appreciate what we have.

And that’s why the key to happiness is always giving to others.

Being generous can bring you happiness regardless of your financial situation.

Your only requirements for volunteering are a heart full of altruism and the motivation to give back to the community through your unique skills and experiences.