Summer is when many major events take place, such as vacations, weddings, and, yes, the awful process of moving. Summer moving plans have gotten so chaotic, according to some of the top companies , that now people have started choosing the spring season. Summer, on the other hand, offers the flexibility to organise a movement around your child’s holiday time or when the work is less (the chance of getting a dry and sunny day to move), so it will continue to be a popular time to move.

Summer 2022 is likely to see further moves as the epidemic eases and Australians determine where they want to live, notably in locales with better weather, better affordability, and less congestion. Returning to the workplace, on the other hand, will bring employees closer to city centres, necessitating them to select a home with a short commute.

The most difficult aspects of a summer move are transporting heavy objects in extreme heat, the quickness with which mover calendars fill up, and the price spikes that might occur as a result of such strong demand. If you’re planning a summer move, check out the list of dos and don’ts of moving in summer to ensure a seamless transition.

  • Do expect to pay a higher price: It’s impossible to avoid the truth that summer is not a cheap period to move. During the summer months (also known as the “demanding season to move”), whether you want to move a container or a firm, everything is in high demand. Why is that? For starters, now that there is no school in the summer, families with school-going children are more eager to move. During the beginning and end of the summer, college students also move into and out of their hostels. Many people believe that the weather is excellent for relocating and don’t have to think that there are not many holidays. Because summer is the best time to move, you’ll almost certainly have to spend extra during this time.
  • Don’t forget to carry water bottles: The heat during the summer move means you’ll be thirsty for the majority of the time. Bring enough bottles of water with you on the road to avoid overheating. Even if you hire professional movers, it’s a good idea to have water bottles on hand at both your old and new residences. Make sure the Removalists Randwick and anybody else helping with the move has access to water. They’ll appreciate it, we promise.
  • Do begin the process early in the day: Begin moving in the morning time to beat the heat. In the summer, the temperature and humidity at this time are quite low. We recommend getting started as soon as possible. Not only will you beat the heat, but you’ll also stay away from the traffic if you get moving early. Start around 8 a.m. or before that if it is Ok. 
  • Don’t wear thick clothes: You need not be fashionable on the day of the move. You should not be squeamish as well. Wear light, breathable and comfy clothes, proper socks and shoes when moving in the summer heat. Forget about the hefty textiles and stilettos. None of these activities can be accomplished properly if you’re dressed in unsuitable attire.
  • Do turn on the air conditioning in the new house: On moving day, you would not want to enter a house that is too hot to handle. To avoid this, we recommend turning on your utilities before you move. If you live nearby and can turn on the ACs before moving, do so as soon as possible. Keeping your new house cool ahead of time will make the adjustment much easier. If you’re going far, make sure to turn on the air conditioning as soon as you enter.
  • Don’t undervalue the time required for preparation: Don’t just toss everything into the vehicle’s storage and drive away. To be effective, a summer move requires great consideration, preparation, and planning. Prepare your cartons and baggage before a month. Hire a movers company months in advance. Use the move planning tool to help you create and stick to a moving timeline. It contains a configurable list, checklist for personal work and email reminders to help you stay organised during a move.
  • Do carry a portable fan with you: This is the most crucial thing you can do while moving in summer is to have a portable fan on hand to help you stay cool – in case the AC has not been turned on in your new house. 
  • Don’t disremember to keep perishables in coolers: Moving nearby? There’s no need to toss out perishable food if you have the correct packing supplies. 
  • Do apply sunscreen: Moving entails spending many hours of the day in the sun. Sunscreen is required in these circumstances. To protect your skin from UV damage, use a waterproof sunscreen which has an SPF of 30 or higher. Apply all over your face and body at least half an hour before you want to go outside.

Many people prefer to move out during the summer for a variety of reasons, including the temperature. This and other factors contribute to the appeal of a summer move. Hire a movers  company for more info) to assist you with the procedure. Always go with the best, certified and insured to have an easy moving experience.

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