Table tennis rackets are basically made up of wooden boards and rubber surfaces attached to the surface of the boards. There are various combinations of boards and rubber surfaces. There are both right and wrong racquets for different types of players.


  • Horizontal shot
  • Penhold


Horizontal racket There are rubber surfaces on both sides of the racket, and the racket is held like a handshake posture. It is the current mainstream racket and is chosen by many top players. You can flexibly use the forehand and backhand, and the shape of the racket handle is also diverse

  • The shape of the horizontal shot (trumpet handle)
  • Types of horizontal grips

Pen-hold rackets are held with the thumb and forefinger in a bread-like posture, and there are various styles. Only one side is covered with rubber, and it is the only side that is used for hitting the ball for both the forehand and the backhand. In the past, it was the mainstream racket in Japan, but there are very few people using this kind of racket recently, and it is still gradually decreasing. However, there are not a few top players who use this kind of racket now. In recent years, there has also been a method of playing on the back of the racket with a rubber surface attached to the back of the racket, and there have been some people who use this racket exclusively.

Points of Advice

Different Kinds of Rackets There are many different kinds of rackets. In addition to the few introduced here, for example, there is a kind of horizontal grip whose handle is conical (a straight line extends from the top to the bottom), and there is a Chinese-style pen-hold grip in the pen-hold grip (no big protrusions, which is different from the horizontal grip). Some are similar), there are also anti-rotation penhold rackets (the reverse side also has the same rubber surface, and the racket that can be turned over and hit the ball with the same grip posture is more troublesome to make) and so on. If you don’t understand, you can learn about it in stores and other places, and then buy it after you find a racket that suits your hand.A counter-spin racquet with a hollow in the center of the racquet that can be hit from both sides.

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Racquet Requirements in Tennis

Tennis games also have requirements for rackets. Amazon NHS Discount Code 


  1. The batting surface of the racket should be flat and uniformly composed of strings connected to the frame of the racket. The strings should be interlaced or combined at the intersections; the samples composed of the strings should be roughly consistent. In particular, the density cannot be less than the density of other regions. The design and stringing of the racquet should be such that the properties of the front and back of the racquet are roughly the same when the ball is struck. Dark Chocolate Increases Testosterone
  2. The racket frame, including the handle, shall be free from appendages and devices, unless the appendage is only and very clearly used to limit and prevent racket wear, breakage, vibration or to adjust weight distribution, and its size and position must also be reasonable
  3. Beginning January 1, 1997, the total length of the racket frame (including the handle) used in professional play must not exceed 27 inches (73.66 cm). From January 1, 2000, rackets used in non-professional games Prior to this, the maximum length of rackets used in non-professional games was 32 inches (81.28 cm). The overall width of the frame must not exceed 12 1/2 inches (31.75 cm). The overall length of the stringing planes cannot exceed 15 1/2 inches (39.37 cm) and the overall width cannot exceed 11 1/2 inches (29.21 cm)

How to Make a Bubble Racquet

How do we make a bubble paddle? So let’s have a look.

  1. First we draw the racket shape, then cut it out and take a clean sock.
  2. Put a sock on the racket, tie it with a string, and then dispose of the straw.
  3. Cut the head to blow big bubbles, add water, detergent, sugar to the cup, blow a bubble, and use the bubble racket to shoot it twice.

How to draw simple strokes

First draw an ellipse, which is the outline of a racket, then use a small oval to draw the frame, use lines to draw the grid in the middle of the racket, and then use lines to draw the handle of the racket to modify it. The details are fine. ebay Discount Code NHS 


Simple Strokes of Racket

Everyone likes to play badminton to relieve stress during daily entertainment. Today I will share the simple strokes of the racket

  • Pencils, watercolor brushes, paper
  1. The first step is to draw the outline of the racket on the A4 paper
  2. Then draw the mesh with horizontal and vertical lines on the inside of the racket
  3. Draw a badminton next to the racket
  4. Paint the circle of the racket gray
  5. Racket net pattern in black and green
  6. Finally, we color the badminton racket as a whole, and the painting is completed Toilet Accessories